DDSR20 2.0 successfully certified as OEB version

DDSR20 2.0

Kubota Brabender Technologie Launch OEB Certified Twin-Screw Feeder Powtech saw the launch of Kubota Brabender Technologie’s OEB certified DDSR20 2.0 twin screw feeder. Having passed OEB’s highest classification, level 5, in June 2022, Genesis is now one of the first feeder suppliers in the UK able to offer an OEB certified feeder. Standing for Occupational Exposure…

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What feeder for Liquids?

Gravimetric Feeder for labs

This of course is the wrong question as liquids aren’t generally handled by a feeder but are pumped or in some cases gravity fed from a vessel via a control valve. However, we can use a certain type of feeder for liquids. Aside from the mechanism to move the liquid, gravimetric liquid feeders work in…

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What feeder for easily broken products?

If maintaining the shape and size of the product being fed through your process is important then choosing the right feeder will require careful consideration. For example, if you have a food product such as a crisp that needs flavouring to be added to it, you don’t want to crush the crisp as it is…

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What feeder for Fibreglass?

Fibreglass Feeder

Feeding fibreglass accurately into your process can be something of a challenge. The material itself comes in many different forms, long strands, short strands, fairly free flowing, very poor flowing, and friable; fibreglass has them all. Here’s an overview of what you need to consider about feeding fibreglass… The length of the strands and the…

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Are your hoppers suffering from hammer rash?

We’ve all seen the dents in the sides of hoppers that hold poor flowing materials. Often those holding recycled plastics and other materials are the worst offenders as frustrated operators knock “gently” on the sides of the vessel to get the material flowing again. We think we’ve found a cure… The Genesis PROP-FLOW has been…

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Volumetric Feeder vs Gravimetric Feeder

Gravimetric Feeder

One of the most common questions we get asked by those new to feeding raw materials is “what is the difference between a volumetric and a gravimetric feeder?” If you read this short overview, we will explain the pros and cons of each approach. Volumetric Feeding As the name suggests, a volumetric feeder works based…

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What feeder for? Masterbatch.

Masterbatch Feeder

The short answer is more of less any gravimetric feeder configuration may be used for masterbatch but typically it will be a single or twin screw feeder and sometimes a vibratory or rotating tube device. Masterbatch is often the most critical and expensive ingredient in the end product “recipe” and accurate control is crucial. A…

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Twin Screw Feeders 101

Brabender Technologie Twin Screw Feeder DDSR20

What is a Twin Screw Feeder? Genesis Process Solutions offer a range of Brabender Technologie twin screw feeders specifically designed for feeding materials at a very wide feed rate range. With rates of 50g per hour all the way up to 10 tonnes per hour, and screw sizes ranging from 12mm to 100mm in diameter,…

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