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Genesis Process Solutions Ltd are now able to offer the full range of products from American based Bay Plastics Machinery ( BPM ). As well as covering the UK & Ireland, we are part of a European network of ancillary suppliers and therefore able to cover the BPM range throughout Europe. Amongst our services for BPM are : New Machines, rotor sharpening, rebuild & repair, technical support as well as spare parts for other brands.

Located in Bay City, Michigan, BPM offer a complete line of strand pelletizers, conveyors, water baths, air knives/strand dewatering units and spare parts.

Whatever your plastics industry needs, Bay Plastics Machinery stands ready to meet them.

In 1974, JETRO was purchased by Conair, and continued operation as Conair JETRO. Engineering, design, and manufacturing of Conair JETRO pelletizers continued in Bay City until 1997, when Conair moved manufacturing to Franklin, Pennsylvania. A core group of managers, engineers and manufacturing employees, including Tony Forgash Jr., did not take the relocation package offered. Instead, they stayed in Michigan and began their own business, Bay Plastics Machinery. This group continued to serve pellitizer customers from a new facility in Bay City under the Bay Plastics Machinery name.

In 1998, Bay Plastics Machinery entered a joint venture partnership with C.F. Scheer & CIE., GmbH & Co. of Stuttgart, Germany. The new partnership, operating under the name Scheer Bay Company, produced and sold pelletizers based on both the Bay Plastics and Scheer designs. In 2008, C.F. Scheer became insolvent, and liquidation proceedings were initiated against it in Germany. Bay Plastics Machinery purchased all ownership interests formerly held by C.F. Scheer, all contracts and relationships with C.F. Scheer were terminated, and the use of the "Scheer Bay" name was discontinued. The American owners of the company continued to operate the company in Bay City, Michigan, under its original name, Bay Plastics Machinery. Bay Plastics Machinery continues to be operated by managers, designers, engineers, and manufacturers who have years of dedicated experience, producing the highest quality and most cutting-edge technology in the industry today.

Although the company's name and ownership have changed occasionally over the years, the core Bay Plastics Machinery team is responsible for originally developing the Conair JETRO pelletizer line and the evolution of the Scheer Bay machines. These accomplished professionals have been committed to a vision of effectively serving the plastics industry for more than 50 years, and they look forward to a bright future continuing this tradition. The core group of people at Bay Plastics Machinery, many of whom began working with Tony Forgash Sr., has seen many changes in both the industry and the company itself. It is the company's goal to remain committed to the vision of its original founder, as well as welcoming new employees and the ideas they bring to the company, promoting the growth of the establishment for years to come.

Please feel free to click on the images below to see the full range on offer and do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

BP25 Lab Series Manual Strand Pelletizers


The Bench Top 25 Lab Series of pelletizers from Bay Plastics Machinery has the features of a production-scale pelletizer in a size suitable for laboratory use. Although the BT 25 pelletizer is small in size, the range of strands it can pelletize is anything but small. The BT 25 Pelletizer can pelletize anything from rubber-like strands to glass-reinforced thermoplastic resins.

The BT 25 Lab Series Pelletizer has tool-free access to the cutting chamber, which makes it easy access for cleaning and maintenance.  The BT 25 Pelletizer can manage up to four 1/8" diameter strands of olefins, or two 1/8" diameter strands of engineered resins. The BT25 lab pelletizer has a standard line pelletizing speed range of 20 to 78 feet per minute. For more demanding applications, we offer a High Speed option, which achieve a line speed of 40 to 156 FPM. And for applications requiring lower line speed, a Low Speed version which runs from 4 to 40 FPM is also available.

Equipped with independent drives for the feedroll and cutter, this machine can change pellet sizes with the turn of a knob. With so many features packed in a compact pelletizer, this unit will compliment any lab facility.

BP50 Series Manual Strand Pelletizers

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BP50 Lab & Light production Pelletizer

Need a strand pelletizer fast?  Bay Plastics Machinery is now stocking its model BP50 strand pelletizer for lab and light production applications, with the capacity to run 8 - 1/8" diameter strands (400-800 pounds per hour).  The newly designed BP50 is ideal for the manufacture looking for a durable strand pelletizer offering the latest technology that is reasonably priced.   The concept of the BP50 came from listening to our customers.  They wanted a compact pelletizer that offers better strand control, flexible discharge options and a unit that is easy to clean.

This compact strand pelletizer offers a near vertical discharge to reduce wear and pellet deflection, and can be configured as a right-hand or left-hand drum discharge.   To offer better stand control the distance from the feed rolls to the cut point has been reduced by nearly 40%, and the BP50 offers a clear view inside the cutting chamber during operation.  The tool-less entry into the cutting chamber allows the BP50 operator to change over materials in just a few minutes without the fear of cross contamination.

BP50 Lab & Light production Pelletizer: Need a strand pelletizer fast? Bay Plastics Machinery is now stocking its model BP50 strand pelletizer for lab and light production applications, with the capacity to run 8 - 1/8" diameter strands (400-800 pounds per hour).

Micro Manual Strand Pelletizers

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Sometimes, to think big, you have to think small.US Patent #7,393,201

That's why we at Bay Plastics Machinery designed and patented the world's first and only micro strand pelletizer. The result of our efforts is the X- Class Micro strand pelletizer, capable of cutting strands into pellets as small as 0.015″ (0.4mm) in length.

The crucial component behind our micro-pelletizing process lies behind the design of the pelletizer. Simply scaling down a conventional pelletizer would not be suitable because turbulence created by the spinning rotor would result in the micropellets getting pushed into uncontrollable areas of the pelletizer. By engineering a pelletizer to reduce turbulence and minimize the uncontrollable area, we have created a pelletizer that maximizes the production of micropellets.

AXP Series Manual Strand Pelletizers


The AXP Pelletizer cuts plastics, not performance

Available in 4", 6", 8", 12" & 16" Rotor
Rates up to 6,500 lb/hr

The AXP series strand pelletizer is simple to operate, simple to maintain, and features a compact design to optimize the use of floor space. No tools are required to open the exterior noise cover and cutting chamber of the pelletizer, or to remove the upper feedroll for general maintenance and cleaning. The AXP Pelletizer is the most versatile strand pelletizer that can process a wide range of thermoplastics, from rubber-like strands to brittle, fragile, and glass-reinforced thermoplastics. The AXP Pelletizers are designed for constant use in extreme working conditions.

Automatic Dry Cut Strand Pelletizers

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The Strand Pelletizing System WSD is designed for the production of reinforced and filled polymers. The surface water of the strands is removed by a combination of air blowing and vacuum before being pelletized.

Advantages of the WSD System

  • Automated start-up
  • Re-threading of broken strands
  • Dust-free pellets
  • Low operating noise level
  • Compact and space saving design
  • 1 - 130 Strands
  • 2,000 - 8,000 Lb/Hr
  • Strands are Carried Down the Slide to the Belt Water is Drop off at the Belt
  • Heat in Material Flashes Water Off the Strands.
  • Excess Water is Removed by Vacuum through the Belt and Positive Pressure above the Belt
  • Designed for Specific Applications/Materials

Automatic Wet Cut Strand Pelletizers

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The Strand Pelletizing System WS is designed for the production of thermo-plastic pellets. The Pelletizing-System is suitable for operations with Reactors, Autoclaves and Extruders, provided that a strand-die is used. A start-up device attached to the die-head, allows an automated operation of the system. The Pelletizing System can be operated from start to shut-down without manual operator assistance.

Advantages of the WS System

  • Automated start-up
  • Re-threading of broken strands
  • Dust-free pellets
  • Low operating noise level
  • Compact and space saving design
  • Cut pellets are reintroduced to the trough water for additional cooling

P Series Pultrusion Manual Strand Pelletizers


Bay Plastics Machinery, we're known for living in the future.

That's why, while our competitors use outdated designs or a general purpose pelletizer that has not been designed with an application focus, Bay Plastics Machinery clearly stands above the rest. BPM has re-engineered a pelletizer specifically designed for Pultrusion, and redefined the limits of what a pelletizer can do for you. The result is the "P" Series Pultrusion Pelletizer, engineered specifically for pelletizing tough, Pultruded "long glass fiber" thermoplastics.

"P" Series Pultrusion Pelletizers are not simply old designs repurposed for pultruded strands; they have been engineered with the optimal cutting geometry to cleanly cut resilient plastics, with minimal wear on the machine, and minimal power consumption. The "P" series Pultrusion pelletizer has been designed with an "isolation coupler" that eliminates deflection on the rotor created by the pull force of the motor. The unique feature allows the manufacture to hold a .0005 gap between the carbide blade rotor and a carbide bed knife, reducing wear and producing best quality cut of a long glass fiber pellet in the industry. After a decade of production and over a 100 units in the field, the Bay Plastics Pultrusion pelletizer has been described by customers as cost effective, easy to clean, and the most durable pelletizer available on the market today.

Pultrusion Cleated Belt Manual Strand Pelletizers

Bay Plastics Machinery 022

The P-Series Pultrusion puller is designed to tightly grip and convey several strands of material with high tension demands to a downstream pelletizer. It was developed and engineered for continuous use in high production runs.

Bay Plastics Machinery has designed this puller to efficiently handle a wide range of polymers reinforced with various roving's, the P-Series puller compliments the Pultrusion pelletizer line offered by Bay Plastics Machinery. The largest of this particular series puller is designed to accept up to a 40" width of uniform strands laying in-line with no overlapping. The maximum quantity of strands relies in either the total tension requirement of all strands or the physical lateral stack-up of the strand widths.

Through the traction surface, each puller is equipped to deliver maximum pull force with minimal impact on the Pultruded material. The strands are kept straight through the puller with no bending or flexing to avoid internal fiber separation. Additionally, the overall area in which the clamping force is distributed limits stress cracking of the strands as well as increasing the lifetime of the traction surface itself.

AK Series Air Knives


Available in 6", 12", & 18"

Bay Plastics Machinery Air Knives help keep your extrusion process a cut above the rest.

Our machine uses dual air nozzle dryers to quickly and completely dry thermoplastic strands before pelletizing, keeping pellets water free. The open air design allows easy maintenance and operation of the strand dryer, and the strand guides are coated with a wear-resistant surface, preventing damage due to repeated use of the Air Knife thermoplastic strand dryer. The components of the Air Knife are rustproof to prevent water corrosion.

The strand guide, height, and nozzle angle are all adjustable, enabling the calibration of the dryer to suit your production line's needs, and the Air Knife is available in three different sizes. Removing water from thermoplastic strands has never been easier than with the AK Series Air Knife.

VAK Series Air Knives


Available in 12", 16", 24", & 32"

Never worry about wet strands again. The Vacuum Air Knife from Bay Plastics Machinery solves the problem of wet strands with a two-pronged strategy; while a blower blasts the strands with pressurized air, a vacuum sucks in air and water. Our testing has found this combination of positive and negative air pressure to be the most effective means of drying strands prior to pelletizing.

The air for the blower and the vacuum is supplied by one intake system. The vacuumed air is passed through a filtering chamber called a demister, which separates the air and water. The water continues to the bottom of the suction box, and is expelled through a self-regulating valve, and the air is redirected through the blower and a silencer.

The distance between the positive pressure nozzle and the strands is approximately 1" to 1-1/2". To ease start up, the positive pressure nozzles of the VAK Series Vacuum Air Knife can be lifted up to allow the placement and alignment of strands.

To maximize contact area with the strands, the vacuum table is slightly bowed, and grooved rolls position the strands on the table, resulting in even and complete drying. Make wet strands history. Make the switch to the VAK Series Vacuum Air Knife.

XVAK Series Vacuum Air Dryer


To get the best quality pellets you need to remove the cooling water from the strands prior to cutting. The XVAK series vacuum air knife removes more residual water from strands.

Unlike conventional air knives, which dry strands using pressurized air that pushes water off the strands and typically on to the plant floor, the XVAK air knife uses negative air pressure (vacuum) to remove residual water and unlike traditional air knifes the XVAK collects the water and allows it to be directed either back into the process or to a drain.

The key to the XVAK system is the vacuum head and strand comb design. The strand comb is designed so that each strand nest into a slot in the comb that allows vacuum to be pulled on all areas of the strand, removing the water from the entire strand. The XVAK also use a filter-less water separation process, eliminating maintenance time, and the need for pricy filters. The stainless steel construction of the XVAK air knife prevents corrosion. The XVAK is also available with an optional sound enclosure, a quick change strand comb to allow quick changes of the strand comb for varying number of strands, and a variable speed drive to allow control of the amount of vacuum for micro pellet applications.

Flash-Off Conveyors


Here at Bay Plastics Machinery, we pride ourselves in manufacturing a high caliber product available at an affordable price. That's why our Flash-Off Conveyors were designed to save both your time and money.

Our conveyor is self-stranding, making startup and production as effortless as possible. Our conveyors are as versatile as they come, with the ability to be adapted to a variety of extruders and water slides, whether they're our machines or one of our competitors.

The Flash-Off Conveyors use evaporation technology to quickly and completely dry your extruded strands. Additionally, they're gentle enough to process delicate thermoplastics, like biodegradable, wood-infused, glass-filled, and water-soluble compounds.

The Flash-Off Conveyors are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4"-40" wide and 6'-35' long.

Water Baths


WBX Series Water Bath

A water bath can optimize your pelletizing process, and Bay Plastics Machinery can optimize your water bath.

Our water baths are custom built in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are manufactured to accommodate most all extrusion applications. If Bay Plastics does not currently produce a water bath for your application, we will work with our on-site engineering staff to customize a unit for your specific requirements.

The BPM WBX series water baths come standard with adjustable legs allow your water bath to be adapted to various pelletizers and extruders. The water baths are specifically designed for stand pelletizing also include locking quick-releasing hold-down bars to keep your strands running straight and even. The 2" diameter rollers on these bars are grooved to keep the strands aligned, and are made of UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene), which reduces friction between the roller and the strands. A standard water bath can have three-to-five hold-down bars, depending on its length.

Parts & Service


Rotor Repair and Sharpening

Any rotor purchased from Bay Plastics Machinery comes with free lifetime-guaranteed standard sharpening. Simply send it back to our shop, and we will sharpen it for you. Damaged, missing teeth or excessive wear are not covered under this agreement; prices for repair or additional sharpening will be quoted after a full inspection and prior to any work being performed.

Wedge Lock

Our wedge lock rotors are made of a base material 17-4 PH stainless steel coated with tungsten carbide. This rotor is ideal for any filled material. All wedge lock rotors have carbide blades of our own proprietary specifications that outlast the competition, and are easily replaced.

Bed Knives and Doctor Blades

Our stock of bed knives and doctor blades are available in various materials and sizes. We offer carbide, stellite, and ceramic, among other varieties.

Upper Feed Rolls

Our upper feed rolls are available in an assortment of different coverings to suit whatever your extrusion line desires, in a variety of grits, harnesses, chemical resistances, and durability's. Coverings include silicone, polyurethane, hypalon, carboxylated nitrile, neoprene, EDPM, and more.

Stellite Rotor

All of our stellite rotors start out with a high quality stainless steel base material to which we machine and then hand weld the stellite to the base. The hand welding is critical for repair ability of damaged teeth. Stellite rotors are ideal for any unfilled or lightly filled materials, and are easily and completely repairable. Entire teeth can be removed and replaced.

Bolt-On Rotors

Bolt-on blade rotors have changeable blades for easy repair, and feature optional carbide coating. Bolt-on rotors can be configured to have from 2 to 16 teeth. These are BPM'S standard rotors for the Pultrusion Pelletizers.

Bearings and Housings

We offer a large assortment of bearings and housings. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Please contact us to see what kinds of bearings we currently have in stock.

Lower Feed Rolls

We offer lower feed rolls not only for our machines, but also for almost any new or used pelletizer on the market. The feed rolls can be made of a variety materials, coating or styles to fit the customers needs.

Need help finding the right product for your process?