Are your hoppers suffering from hammer rash?

Are your hoppers suffering from hammer rash?

We’ve all seen the dents in the sides of hoppers that hold poor flowing materials. Often those holding recycled plastics and other materials are the worst offenders as frustrated operators knock “gently” on the sides of the vessel to get the material flowing again.

We think we’ve found a cure…

The Genesis PROP-FLOW has been designed specifically for discharging poor flowing flake and regrind from silos and hoppers.

As there is an increasing trend for customers to use more recycled & reclaimed material, the requirement for better handling systems that can cope with these variable materials has increased.

Flake and regrind materials are both very abrasive and in most cases, poor flowing. Whilst the products can be conveyed around a process line, they don’t flow well from hoppers and silos as the product tends to interlace and interlock together, forming bridges and flow restrictions.

After searching for a discharge solution for hoppers and silos and not really finding what we were looking for, Genesis Process Solutions decided to design one. The PROP-FLOW range was born.

The principal is simple, a flat bottomed discharger uses a rotating blade – similar to that of a propeller – to move the material to an outlet whilst keeping the other material around it moving at the same time. The propeller causes a positive product displacement whilst the cone prevents any bridging.

The Genesis PROP-FLOW

Four sizes are available: 600mm, 800mm, 1,000mm and 1,200mm diameter

  • Heavy duty sweeping arm in varying designs to suit products
  • Standard pipe fitting outlet enabling a simple adaption to downstream equipment
  • Heavy duty 3 phase motor
  • Reinforced bearing
  • Available in stainless steel & painted mild steel
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing silos and hoppers

So if your recycled materials are stuck in your silos and hoppers then the Prop-Flow maybe the best way to get things flowing again.