FLEXWALL® Plus feeders

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The Flexwall Plus range of feeders are the classic that Kubota Brabender are perhaps best known for. They are incredibly versatile and yet still very easy to use. The FLEXWALL® Plus series features feeders for almost any application.

What is it and what it can do?

FLEXWALL® Plus is a range of feeders for processing free-flowing, partial-flowing and poor-flowing bulk materials and consists of the following components:

  • a trapezoidal stainless-steel housing
  • a flexible polyurethane hopper with a large hopper cross-section
  • agitator paddles
  • a feeding screw
  • a screw tube
  • a drive unit
  • and a trapezoidal feed hopper

The compact trapezoidal design allows up to six feeders to be arranged around a central feed point to save space. And it is available both as a volumetric feeder and as a gravimetric loss-in-weight feeder. These features alone make it one of the most versatile feeders in our product portfolio.

But the FLEXWALL® Plus is extremely versatile and can do much more than most feeders.

Suitable for virtually any task

Since we added the first FLEXWALL® Plus feeder to our portfolio in 2001, its design concept has made it our most widely expanded product line.

A concept that was designed from the outset for maximum versatility and flexibility, as a series now covers the entire industry spectrum from free-flowing to poor-flowing bulk materials.

This also includes industry specific models available in food-safe Hygienic Design versions, the FLEXWALL® Plus HD. These feature HD motors and the benefit of tool-free dismantling.

Versatile but still simple

First, the stainless steel used in FLEXWALL® Plus feeders makes these units robust and durable. Easy dismantling and cleaning of the screw and hopper make them simple to handle.

The weighing module with its robust digital load cells features a straightforward design, but is technically sophisticated. In the feeding unit, two motors ensure that the agitator paddle and the screw can be controlled separately to assit in the continuous feeding process. The screws can easily be replaced with a new profile type and adapted to different feed materials and capacity ranges.

Testing the FLEXWALL® Plus

As we all recognise, the proof of any design is in actual use so why not test the FLEXWALL® Plus with your materials? This will allow us to demonstrate the many benefits this classic design has to offer.

Give us a call and we can take it from there.