We deliver material handling solutions across many different industries. Read about the latest of these togetther with the news and developments at Genesis and our manufacturing partners.

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New 2024 Brochure

Genesis Process Solutions proudly presents its latest brochure for 2024, showcasing an array of innovative products sourced from industry leaders including Kubota Brabender Technologie, TSM, Krause, and BPM. This comprehensive collection embodies cutting-edge technologies and solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Our partnership with these esteemed brands ensures top-quality offerings for…


Advantages and Applications of Volumetric Screw Feeders

In the realm of industrial processing, precision and consistency are paramount. One indispensable tool that ensures these qualities in various industries is the Kubota Brabender volumetric screw feeder. Very much the “workhorse” of the industry, volumetric screw feeders come in all shapes and sizes and the basic technology is very simple. A feeding device, generally…

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Continuous vs Batch Feeding Processes

In any production process, customising your feeding and weighing technology to your application is crucial to ensure maximum efficiency. Genesis Process Solutions, with our extensive knowledge of feeding processes, guide customers in selecting the right system for their solids and liquids feeding needs. The decision between continuous and batch feeding processes is based on various…

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Genesis attending Interplas Show: Your Go-To Solution for Material Handling

The countdown has begun as Genesis prepares to make its mark at the prestigious Interplas Show. This event stands as a beacon for all things plastics in the UK, and we’re thrilled to be part of it. As specialists in powder handling and material solutions, Genesis has earned its reputation as the go-to company for…

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FLEXWALL® Plus feeders

The Flexwall Plus range of feeders are the classic that Kubota Brabender are perhaps best known for. They are incredibly versatile and yet still very easy to use. The FLEXWALL® Plus series features feeders for almost any application.

New Partnership - TSM Control Systems & Genesis Process Solutions join forces to support UK Market.

New Partnership: Genesis Process Solutions & TSM Control Systems join forces to support UK Market

TSM Control Systems and Genesis Process Solutions have entered into a strategic partnership that will see the expansion of TSM’s Global Sales Partner Network to support their existing & growing client base within the UK Market. This new partnership provides Genesis Process Solutions with the ability to increase our existing product offering, adding TSM’s Patented…

DDSR20 2.0

DDSR20 2.0 successfully certified as OEB version

Kubota Brabender Technologie Launch OEB Certified Twin-Screw Feeder Powtech saw the launch of Kubota Brabender Technologie’s OEB certified DDSR20 2.0 twin screw feeder. Having passed OEB’s highest classification, level 5, in June 2022, Genesis is now one of the first feeder suppliers in the UK able to offer an OEB certified feeder. Standing for Occupational Exposure…

Gravimetric Feeder for labs

What feeder for Liquids?

This of course is the wrong question as liquids aren’t generally handled by a feeder but are pumped or in some cases gravity fed from a vessel via a control valve. However, we can use a certain type of feeder for liquids. Aside from the mechanism to move the liquid, gravimetric liquid feeders work in…

Brabender Flexwall Feeder for Sticky Products

What feeder for sticky products?

Sticky products are always going to present problems for accurate feedrate control but before we talk about the pros and cons that will help you choose a feeder for sticky products, we need to talk about what being sticky means. What is a sticky product? Words like sticky don’t really help narrow down the handling…


What feeder for easily broken products?

If maintaining the shape and size of the product being fed through your process is important then choosing the right feeder will require careful consideration. For example, if you have a food product such as a crisp that needs flavouring to be added to it, you don’t want to crush the crisp as it is…

Fibreglass Feeder

What feeder for Fibreglass?

Feeding fibreglass accurately into your process can be something of a challenge. The material itself comes in many different forms, long strands, short strands, fairly free flowing, very poor flowing, and friable; fibreglass has them all. Here’s an overview of what you need to consider about feeding fibreglass… The length of the strands and the…

Are your hoppers suffering from hammer rash?

Are your hoppers suffering from hammer rash?

We’ve all seen the dents in the sides of hoppers that hold poor flowing materials. Often those holding recycled plastics and other materials are the worst offenders as frustrated operators knock “gently” on the sides of the vessel to get the material flowing again. We think we’ve found a cure… The Genesis PROP-FLOW has been…

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