Twin Screw Feeders 101

Brabender Technologie Twin Screw Feeder DDSR20
Twin Screw Feeder: Brabender DDSR 2.0

What is a Twin Screw Feeder?

Genesis Process Solutions offer a range of Brabender Technologie twin screw feeders specifically designed for feeding materials at a very wide feed rate range. With rates of 50g per hour all the way up to 10 tonnes per hour, and screw sizes ranging from 12mm to 100mm in diameter, Brabender have a screw feeder for all your needs.

Each machine in the DDSR collection of feeders is built with a 304 (or an optional 306) stainless steel screw trough with an integrated rotating agitator blade. This design concept effectively stirs the material being fed to aid the flow into the metering screw. They offer a variety of different screw designs and agitator blades to provide you with the best possible material handling capabilities for your product.

Why do I need a Twin Screw Feeder?

Twin screw machines are ideal for use in situations where materials can be floodable or are unsuitable for the Flexwall range of feeders. The double screw provides a large opening to allow the product to flow into the screws. The DDSR20 2.0 is a great option for poor flowing materials with a tendency to stick if used in a single screw feeder, and conversely for very free flowing materials that may flood through a single screw option. The DSSR collection from Brabender is renowned for being one of the best in accuracy, flexibility and durability – even in some of the most heavy-duty industries.

In many sectors, particularly the food industry, a quick and easy disassembly is essential for efficient cleaning and product changeovers. The video below shows just how simple it is to disassemble this model, helping with production line efficiency.

Take a look at the video and get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our experts. If you have a material that you are finding difficult to feed, our team are on hand to help!