The Brabender Volumetric Screw Feeder Range

To ensure maximum accuracy when metering bulk materials and ingredients, you need metering feeders that are correctly selected for the particular characteristics of the ingredients you will be using. This prevents both problems with the feeder and guarantees that the ingredient flows reliably and consistently, ensuring that the final product is of a premium quality. …

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Flowing well at Beardow Adams

There is hardly a processing industry that doesn’t rely on an adhesive manufactured by Beardow Adams. This truly is a world-class company with manufacturing facilities around the globe but with a head-office and main hot-melt adhesive manufacturing facility in Milton Keynes. Genesis Process Solutions, the UK & Ireland Brabender agent, was contacted by Beardow Adams…

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Blue Sky thinking from Genesis !!

loss in weight feeders

Genesis Process Solutions has recently completed a supply and installation contract for Blue Sky Plastics in Bourne, Lincolnshire – the first company in the UK to realise the value and effectively recycle and reprocess the plastics element of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Blue Sky Plastics has just completed a further phase of a…

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