The Brabender Volumetric Screw Feeder Range

single twin and flexwall volumetric feeders

To ensure maximum accuracy when metering bulk materials and ingredients, you need metering feeders that are correctly selected for the particular characteristics of the ingredients you will be using. This prevents both problems with the feeder and guarantees that the ingredient flows reliably and consistently, ensuring that the final product is of a premium quality. 

The Brabender Volumetric Feeder range is ideally suited for a wide variety of bulk ingredients. They operate with a high degree of accuracy, reliability and flexibility, even in the most demanding industrial applications. Customisation options and the flexible design of the screw feeder range, also allows you to modify the feeder to suit your particular application, enabling you to respond rapidly to ever-evolving markets and product requirements.

Single Screw Volumetric Feeders

The Brabender Technologie range of single screw volumetric feeders are designed to be precise, flexible and long-lasting. With screw sizes from 13mm diameter up to 300mm diameter, the feeders boast an impressively wide feed rate range, starting from as little as 200g/hr up to as much as 20 tonnes/hr. 

In all of our “DSR” range of feeders, the screw trough is fabricated from 304 stainless steel, with the option of upgrading to 316 stainless if required. The feeders come with an integrated rotating agitator blade, which stirs the ingredient to aid flow into the dosing screw. 

Choose from a range of screw designs and agitator blades to find the one that perfectly suits your requirements, as well as having the choice of various extension hoppers to hold the bulk material. Our single screw feeders work with granules, pellets, powders, flakes and regrind and we can arrange a laboratory test with your materials to confirm the best configuration.

Twin Screw Volumetric Feeders

The Brabender Technologie range of twin screw volumetric feeders are suited to materials that can be floodable or are otherwise unsuitable for the Flexwall range of feeders. 

Our “DDSR” feeders also boast an impressively wide feed rate range. Twin screw sizes range from 12mm diameter up to 100mm diameter and feed at rates of 50g/hr up to 10 tonnes/hr. 

volumetric feeders
Single, Twin and Flexwall Volumetric Feeders

In addition to its flexible feed rate range, our twin screw “DDSR” feeders share many other qualities with our single screw “DSR” range. The feeder screw trough is fabricated from 304 stainless steel (also with the option of 316 stainless) and has an integrated rotating agitator blade designed to stir the ingredient to aid flow into the dosing screws. 

As with the single screw feeders you have a choice of screw designs and agitator blades, as well as numerous extension hoppers to ensure you have the optimum configuration for your material.

Twin screw feeders typically handle powders and other fine materials that would flood through a single screw feeder and are better controlled by the twin screw mechanism.

Flexwall Volumetric Feeders 

For both free flowing and poor flowing products, the Brabender Technologie range of Flexwall volumetric  feeders ensures hassle-free feeding every time. It works for sticky powders, free flowing granules, light and fluffy powders, regrind or even fibreglass strands. 

One of the key features is the flexible polyurethane feed trough which is massaged by external paddles. These ensure the product in the feeder is sufficiently agitated so as to achieve the best mass flow into the feed screw arrangement. It also means that the product does not come into contact with a mechanical agitator as it would in a conventional volumetric feeder. Therefore, it is the best option for products that have a low melting point or might coat and build up on a rotating agitator, as it is perfect for gently dosing the ingredient without overworking it.  It also has a huge advantage in the food industry as the same product isn’t being circulated within a trough which can happen with conventional screw feeders.

To add to its material handling benefits, the Flexwall volumetric feeder can be cleaned down in minutes. The flexible trough can be removed from the feeder by simply removing the hopper, screw and tube first. It can then be cleaned and refitted, or replaced with another spare trough. As a result, the Flexwall feeder saves on changeovers and downtime, maximising your production efficiency.

All Brabender Volumetric Screw Feeders are also available as Gravimetric  Feeders.

If you would like to find out more about the Brabender range, or set up a lab test with your raw materials, please use the details on our contact page.