Blue Sky thinking from Genesis !!

Loss-in-weight Feeders

Genesis Process Solutions has recently completed a supply and installation contract for Blue Sky Plastics in Bourne, Lincolnshire - the first company in the UK to realise the value and effectively recycle and reprocess the plastics element of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Blue Sky Plastics has just completed a further phase of a major investment program by installing a state-of- the-art cleaning system that recovers large volumes of mixed plastics which are then reduced in size to a 6mm regrind flake. Polymer specific products such as ABS and HIPS are packaged in bulk sacks for shipment to clients in the UK and Europe. Also, with the installation of an extruder, Blue Sky are offering a closed-loop service to electrical goods manufacturers by recycling the bulk of plastic components back to a near virgin grade of ABS, Polystyrene and Polypropylene Currently, the company reprocesses around 20,000 tonnes of WEEE items each year. But WEEE isn't all that Blue Sky recycles, the company also reprocesses around 6,000 tonnes of coat hangers!

While price is always going to be a major consideration, Chris Riddle of Blue Sky Plastics chose Brabender feeders because of their excellent reputation, backed up with the help and support already given from Genesis when they weren't even a supplier. This, backed up by Brabender being fully supported by the extruder supplier meant it was an easy choice for Blue Sky to select Genesis to complete the full supply from material store to extruder.

As part of an on-going investment plan, Genesis Process Solutions won a contract to supply two Brabender feeders with refill systems for a new extrusion line. These feeders have been set- up to meter two tonnes per hour of flaked recycled plastic together with a coloured master-batch. In addition to the feeders, Genesis has also provided a vacuum conveying system and a mezzanine floor.

"The Flexwall 120 feeder supplied is particularly effective with a flaked material, unlike old equipment that was replaced, meaning production engineers at Blue Sky could increase flow rates for increased production without feeding issues" said Phil Cameron of Genesis Process Solutions "While the smaller Flexwall 40plus feeder is currently handling black masterbatch at the rate of 25kgs per hour, greater throughput is easily achievable". " This is one of many projects undertaken where we have supplied the feeders, refill system, mezzanine floor and installation. We feel that in supplying the complete system, it takes the pressure off the customer in that we take full responsibility in bringing everything together on time and in budget"

Due to the large number of screws and tubes available for each feeder in the Brabender feeding range, it gives the customer a huge benefit in being able to feed most products at varying rates.

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