Understanding the Food Industry

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Sieving raw materials as they are fed into a process is a common process design requirement for Genesis and our partners Farleygreene. Minor ingredients often arrive is sacks or big bags and as these are emptied a sieve can remove any contaminants before they enter the downstream production process.

Similarly, sieving or lump removal may be introduced at different points in the production process to ensure the consistency and quality of the finished goods, removing over or under sized items before packing.

This video demonstrates one of these tasks, sieving fine powders at a sack tipping station.


Genesis and Brabender have in-depth experience of overcoming the many challenges feeding different materials in the food industry presents.

Often ingredients are fragile or require very precise control in order for the manufacturing process to operate at maximum efficiency.

Other requirements we regularly are challenged with include:

  • traceability for quality control,
  • high levels of sanitary design for easy cleaning,
  • accurate and reliable feeding,
  • strict recipe compliance.

And it’s not just dry powders we feed. Seeds, granules, shaped products such as flakes, dried fruits and many types of liquid are regularly used to make thousands of popular food brands across the globe.

This two minute video gives you an excellent overview:


Genesis partner with a variety of fixed silo manufacturers and also offer flexible fabric silos from Walter Krause as part of our range. Each application for either pre or post production storage is carefully analysed before the appropriate product selection is made. External and internal silos are often required depending on the process and we can help size these for you.

Take a look at our page on Walter Krause for further details of how these silos can work in your process.

Flexible Silos Being Installed


Our highly experienced engineering team can help you design and build a complete material handling system or help you select the right individual components for your production line. We would be happy to visit site and discuss the challenges you are facing and can also arrange for product handling trials if there are any questions about the correct methods that need to be addressed.

Give the team a call on 01270 766 300 or drop us a line and we will take it from there.