Vibratory Feeders


The Brabender Vibratory Feeder Range

Brabender Technologie offers a range of Vibratory Tray Feeders, suitable for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries; anywhere in fact where delicate, friable ingredients are being fed into a process. These loss-in-weight feeders are capable of reliably and accurately metering free-flowing bulk ingredients in feedrate ranges from a few Kg/Hr up to several Tonnes/hour depending on the bulk density of your product.

Because of their gentle handling capabilities, the feeders are ideal for use with products such as crisps, flakes, breakfast cereals and other materials where a screw type feeder may damage the product.

Smooth, controlled flow

With Brabender Vibratory Feeders, the product sits in the feeder tray which vibrates, moving the product forward many times a second in a series of small ‘hops’. The feeder is also weighed as the product is being fed and the rate of vibration altered to keep the feedrate at the desired setpoint. The Brabender control system allows for precise control of the feeding process, enabling produce to arrive at the precise rate specified. The feeders also have rapid stop-start capabilities - where switching off the vibration immediately stops the ingredient from flowing, avoiding over spill into the downstream device.

Gentle on product, easy to clean

In addition to providing an even and controlled flow, Brabender Vibratory Feeders handle the product gently, minimising the degradation and risk of contamination that would be caused by a stirring agitator or other rotating parts.

With mechanical action kept to a minimum, the Vibratory Feeders are also simple to clean and maintain. A simple handle is released to separate the feed unit from the vibration drive. Clamping rings are used to connect the feed modules and the outlet cone, and these can be removed quickly and easily.

Various sizes and feeding rates available

Whilst Brabender Vibratory Feeders are all designed in a similar modular way, they come in a wide range of sizes, starting from a 45mm diameter tray up to a 200mm diameter tray. A wide range of feed rates are also available, varying from a few kilograms/hour up to several tonnes/hour.

The feeders can operate within environmental conditions of 0 to 45° C and can withstand up to 85% humidity without condensation.

Components of a Vibratory Feeder

vibratory feeders

Vibratory Feeders are made up of three modules:

  • The free standing weighing module consists of either a DigiMass-2 digital load cell or an analogue load cell housed in a stainless steel frame. The load cell has the following features: a theoretical resolution of 4,000,000:1, twin vibrating wire technology which compensates for temperature change and external vibration, filtering software, and a serial interface ensuring high speed data communication.
  • The feeding module consists of a stainless steel tray that is vibrated by an electromagnetic vibration drive featuring a vibration amplitude feedback system, which ensures linear conveyance characteristics over the entire feed rate range. Various options are available for the Brabender vibratory tray feeders including ATEX certification and hygienic designs for easy cleaning.
  • The hopper module consists of a stainless steel conical hopper as an integral part of the frame in which the feed module is mounted. Hoppers are available with volumes of 15 dm³ or 30 dm³ as standard.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the Brabender Vibratory Feeder range, please use the details on our contact page.