The Farleygreene Sievmaster Easilift Range

food industry sieves

The Sievmaster Easilift range from Farleygreene is designed to sieve powders in bulk from sacks or containers. It features a 304SS sack tip hood system integrated with the Slimline vibratory check screener which comes complete with 316SS contact parts. Up to 25kg of product can be dispensed at once for check screening into containers, static weigh bins, conveying systems or mixers.

The power lift hinged dust hood door utilises 304 SS gas struts which provides easy access to the sieve by minimising heavy lifting and removing the need for awkward sleeve connections, an inclined sack rest table for low-level tipping ensures all powders are captured for screening. The sieve mesh itself is protected by a hexagonal safety grid which prevents a heavy sack from damaging the mesh.

The Sievmaster Easilift is suitable for wet and dry applications, A self-sealing, metal detectable silicone diaphragm fitted to the top of the sieve’s open gallery maintains a dust tight interface between sieve and hood.

As the sieves utilised within the system are Farleygreene’s standard SM550 & SM950 model, many of the parts are cross compatible with the stand alone version of the sieve such as mesh rings and mesh gaskets etc.

The Sievmaster Easilift in action

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Product Options

Available in either 550mm or 950mm screen diameters, the Sievmaster Easilift range comes with an array of product options, enhancing its use for sieving of bulk powders:

  • Hygienic support frame designed for the food industry
  • Ultrasonic deblinding for difficult to sieve products
  • Magnet assemblies
  • Static or mobile support frame
  • Connection to a vacuum transfer system
  • Ø150mm dust extraction port mounted on the top of the hood for connection to external dust extraction system

Smooth, Safe Operation

As our customers would expect, the Sievmaster Easilift range is safe and simple to use and maintain. It is constructed from FDA-compliant materials as standard, has low maintenance and running costs, the absence of crevices makes it easy to clean, enabling smooth, efficient sieving of bulk powders.

Whilst in operation the system creates noise below 70dB, which is considered safe for prolonged operator exposure.

Further Information

Genesis aims to provide the most reliable and effective equipment in the industry for handling bulk materials. If you would like to know more about the products or services we offer including sieves for bulk powders, please use the details on our contact page.