Liftvrac Conveyors

Ideal for fragile food products

Widely used in the food industry, the highly innovative design of the Liftvrac conveyor can handle a wide range of sticky, wet or fragile food products, without degradation.

The concept of the LIFTVRAC conveyor is brilliant in it’s simplicity. A flat belt is formed in to a tube as it is running and yourproduct is conveyed in the tube, using it’s own weight to form the bridge effect that prevents it from falling backwards.

This means that product is conveyed without compaction, damage or a change in its form, so that it leaves the conveyor in the same condition as it goes in.

The other huge benefit is that there is no product loss. All product that enters the tube will come out at the top and due to an award winning flexible scraper on the outlet, product will always leave the conveyor belt and be fed on to the next process. No product will stick to the belt due to the scraper and therefore there is no product loss.

Here's a gallery showing you many of the elements of the conveyor's award winning design elements:

Quick and Simple Cleaning

As the product is cleaned from the belt the flexible scraper, the belt itself needs very little cleaning. It is easy to clean with water and/or alcohol wipes from a ground level position while the belt runs empty. Alternatively, thanks to a tool free operation, the belt can be quickly removed and cleaned away from your production area. Removal and replacement of the belt only takes around 5 minutes, ensuring a very quick and efficient clean down with a minimum of wasted production time.

Low Energy Consumption

Due to the very low friction working design of the conveyor, the only require a low power motor for operation. Depending on the model type and distance conveyed, the majority of units are supplied with motors ranging from 0.5kW to1.5kW. When compared to a similarly rated pneumatic conveying system for example, the cost savings on energy consumption are significant.

Adaptable to almost any Configuration

Due to the modular design of the Liftvrac system, we are able to design a conveyor to suit your unique on site requirements. This modular design means that replacing existing systems is much easier than with most alternative conveyor systems.

Trials and Selection

If you have a difficult product that you need to convey to a packing line or multihead weigher for example, this modular system is ideal. We can arrange for product trials if required and have also filmed many different ingredients being handled.

Below is an example of crisps being fed:


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The Liftvrac conveyor system is not as widely used as other forms of conveyor but can provide a hygienic and cost effective solution to many difficult materials handling problems.

If you would like to discuss your application, we would be happy to help, so please drop us a line via our contact page.