Genesis Process Solutions and Bay Plastics Machinery

Bay Plastics Machinery 001

2017 is set to be a big year for Genesis Process Solutions Ltd.

The company is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and have just signed to market the entire range of Bay Plastics Machinery equipment and systems in the UK & Ireland.

Formed in 1961, Bay Plastics Machinery is a major manufacturer and supplier of plastics machinery in the United States but, until recently, has not had any representation in the UK. With the involvement of Genesis, the BPM range of strand pelletisers, conveyors and Air Knives will be available from February.

Genesis are also part of a European Network of Ancillary suppliers ( headed by Roberto Atesini from De Amici SRL based in Milan ) who will be offering the BPM equipment in order to cover the whole of Europe. Many Global manufacturers have offices worldwide and this is why multiple suppliers over Europe have been selected.

The policy at Bay Plastics Machinery is to manufacture their pelletizers to each customer's requirement. There are two basic types -manual and automatic - with variations on each type. If there isn't a current model to suit a particular customer's needs, BPM will customise a model. This policy of engineering flexibility has gone a long way to make the company one of the leading pelletizer manufacturers in the US.

The BPM series of water baths have adjustable legs allowing the bath to be adapted to various pelletizers and extruders. The water baths are specifically designed for strand pelletizing and include locking quick-releasing hold-down bars to keep strands running straight and even. The 50mm diameter rollers on these bars are grooved to keep the strands aligned, and are made of UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene), which reduces friction between the roller and the strands. A standard water bath can have three-to-five hold-down bars, depending on its length.

The Bay Plastics Machinery range of belt conveyors has been designed to be as versatile as possible and can be adapted to work with a variety of extruders and water slides. The conveyors use evaporation technology to quickly dry extruded strands and are gentle enough to process delicate thermoplastics, like biodegradable, wood-infused, glass-filled, and water-soluble compounds. Sizes, range from 100mm to 1016mm wide and 1.8metres to 10.6metres long.

Finally, the range of Air Knives use dual air nozzles and are designed to quickly dry thermoplastic strands before pelletizing. The open air design allows easy maintenance and operation of the strand dryer.

Phil Cameron is the Sales Director of Genesis Process Solutions: "We believe that there is a strong market for the products from Bay Plastics Machinery and certainly the research that we have carried out has been very positive. The whole range is competitively priced and extremely well engineered so it will be interesting to see how these products are accepted by the industry".
For more information please contact Phil Cameron on 07855693111 or by email :