Farleygreene Sievmaster Easilift

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The Sievmaster Easilift range from Farleygreene is designed to sieve powders in bulk from sacks or containers via a tipping station.

It features a powered sack tip hood system to minimise heavy lifting and is integrated with the Slimline vibratory check screener which comes complete with 316SS contact parts. Up to 25kg of product can be dispensed at once for check screening into containers, static weigh bins, conveying systems or mixers.

With different products requiring varying levels of dust control the Easilift is now available with a fully integrated dust control unit if required.

The Sievmaster Easilift is suitable for wet and dry applications, a self-sealing, metal detectable silicone diaphragm fitted to the top of the sieve’s open gallery maintains a dust tight interface between sieve and hood.

As the sieves utilised within the system are Farleygreene’s standard SM550 & SM950 model, many of the parts are cross compatible with the stand alone version of the sieve such as mesh rings and mesh gaskets etc.

Product Options

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The video gives you details of many of the common options that can be fitted to the Easilift.

These include, dust suppression covers, full local dust extraction, many different styles of frames and steps and magnets to remove contaminants that may enter from the tipped sacks.

For fully hygienic design there is also the Easilift Ultra which is detailed in the video below. Designed specifically for the food industry, the design is completely crevice free.

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Further Information

Genesis aims to provide the most reliable and effective equipment in the industry for handling bulk materials. If you would like to know more about the products or services we offer including sieves for bulk powders, please use the details on our contact page.