The DDSR20 and DSR28 go fully modular

brabender modular feeders

Modern manufacturing is putting ever increasing demand on feeders to keep production processes running with minimum downtime.

To meet this demand modern feeders need to be extremely reliable, easy to use and quick to clean.

Brabender has become extremely adept at developing feeders that meet the requirements of the modern manufacturing process, offering products that can be customised to each customer's individual needs.

Products for a perfect modular design

The 2.0 versions of our DDSR20 and the DSR28 products have been available for some time and soon Brabender will be updating two more of their products to meet customer's needs.

The first is the DDSR40 2.0 twin screw feeder, which features a self-cleaning twin concave screw that is ideally suited for poor flowing, sticky ingredients.

The second is the DSR67 2.0 single screw feeder, which is used for normally flowing to cohesive ingredient applications.

All of our products are designed with modular efficiency in mind, enabling us to configure four feeder combinations using fewer standardised components.

Our focus on modules has several benefits such as ease of maintenance, flexibility to change out certain components, simpler designs and user friendliness.

Clean and compact components

All of our feeder components are manufactured with a compact design gear module that easily attaches to the motor.

This means the larger ‘B’ screw troughs fit the same predrilled baseplate as the standard models allowing for retrofits between the different modules.

The DDSR40(B) 2.0 model also now features a new drive belt, allowing the twin screw gearbox to operate without lubrication. This means they can operate for longer with less need for maintenance.

The 2.0 designs have also eliminated the need for chains, chainguards, bearings and couplings.

This has led to a simplified design that is easier to maintain, makes less noise, weighs less and can be combined with both conventional AC motor technology and the new smart servo motors.

Removable hopper with user-friendly release fasteners

The new designs have moved the screw hopper to the front edge of the scale. This means the screw trough can be removed with ease from the front of the feeder.

All of this has been done with the user in mind making the product more accessible and easier to clean.

Several connections have also been made screwless and replaced with special fasteners making it easier to take apart the machine when necessary.

The new fasteners stay attached to the feeder at all times meaning the user does not need to keep track of loose nuts and bolts while they are concentrating on other tasks.

Visibility saves time

Another key area for this new design is the ability so see more of what is happening inside the machine.

The dustproof outlets have now been made fully transparent and are installed on all B-type feeders.

The advantage of this is the operator can now perform visual checks inside the screw tube.

The plastic is made to the highest standards and is shatterproof.

Seal changes

Changing rotating shaft seals has also been made considerably easier by designing a screw trough that can be removed from the front.

This means a new seal can be installed in around five minutes.

Visual indicators have also been added to the bottom and top sections of the gear block assemblies to alert operators when seals need to be replaced.

Servo motors

With the launch of the 2.0 versions of the DDSR20 and the DSR28 all products will be able have “smart” servo motors.

A servo motor has a much wider speed range than a standard AC motor and can operate on full power even at low rpm.

The need to change screws and screw tubes can now be eliminated reducing downtime.

At lower speeds servo motors can start at close to full torque and even in high torque conditions they still have excellent speed control.

Modular designs that are customisable and flexible

The modularity of the 2.0 feeders gives the end user reduced lead times, increased manufacturing flexibility and customisation that can be tailored to each customer.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the Brabender loss-in-weight liquid feeder range, please use the details on our contact page.