Brabender Congrav Feeder Control System


An introduction to gravimetric feeder controls

A fully automatic gravimetric feeding system not only comprises high-accuracy weighing technology and the right mechanical feeding device, but also needs an intelligent control system able to interface both with the plant’s distributed control system and any local operator and maintenance teams.

The controls need to manage both the feeding process itself, with its complicated interaction of weighing, metering and regulatory functions and also link the feeders with other upstream and downstream components, such as refill devices and shut-off valves.

Quality control

The demands of modern process quality control systems also require continuous documentation and recording of the feeding process – a must in modern production lines because this is the prerequisite for certification of the user’s quality management system.

Brabender Technologie offers single and multiple feeder control systems. Control modules can be feeder mounted creating a stand-alone unit or mounted in a control panel depending on the overall plant control architecture. We also offer a single feeder interface, plus six feeder and sixteen feeder units for those who require control of a group of feeders on one production line.

The Congrav Controller Family

The Congrav range comprises a number of different modules broadly split between the operator interface and the individual feeder control unit.

So the Congrav OP designation stands for Operator Panel and has 1,6 and 16 feeder options.

Example: Congrav OP6-E operator interface panel for up to 6 feeders


The CM and CB are the individual controllers that are either supplied fully enclosed in their own control box (CM) or in an open cabinet format requiring mounting in a control panel (CB).

Example: Congrav CB-S panel mounted controller


Example: Congrav CB-M fully enclosed control module


A further designation S or E indicates if the unit Standard or Enhanced, where a Standard unit is intended for stand alone use and the Enhanced unit includes interfaces for host computer systems and other external input / output devices.

Control Flexibility

The key to the Congrav’s modular control concept is to allow our feeders to interface seamlessly with a range of widely used process control systems. We manage the complex gravimetric feeding control tasks but also provide the options to build these controllers into sophisticated plant wide process and quality control packages. You can decide on the level of sophistication required, either fully controlled by the shop floor operational team, or fully remote from a centralised PLC based system.

Further information

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