Weigh Belt Feeders

Weigh Belt Feeders

Weigh belt feeders are gravimetric feeders, ideal for higher rate applications, for metering friable products and for areas where low headroom space is a requirement.

The Brabender range of weigh belt feeders comes in different belt widths, starting at 350mm, then moving up to 600, 800 and 1000mm wide. Feedrates range typically from a few hundred litres/hour up to as much as 100,000 litres/hour.

They work well with bulk materials that have normal to free flowing handling characteristics and are not suited to sticky materials or those that flow poorly.

This tried and tested technology is very reliable and is in operation in thousands of different locations.

Because there is little or no mechanical action on the product being fed weigh belt feeders are very well suited to products that require more gentle handling. Often these are food products such as flakes, crisps or snack foods.

They are also commonly used for high throughput bulk materials such as plastic pellets or flours and can be used in conjunction with other gravimetric devices, such as loss-in-weight feeders, that are handling lower feedrate ingredients.

Weigh Belt Feeder Features

Brabender weigh belt feeders have a robust, rust proof design and are available in a number of configurations depending on the sector they are being used in. Hygienic and ATEX versions can be supplied and the inlet and outlet interface with the upstream and downstream devices can be matched to your process requirement.

In some more demanding applications a volumetric feeder can be fitted to pre-feed the bulk material onto the weigh belt. This helps in applications where a product may flood onto the belt too rapidly or might tend to stick in an inlet chute and require some assistance to meter onto the belt.

Side and top access panels are available to enable quick access for cleaning and if required belt removal and replacement.

As a gravimetric device, the feeder can be controlled either continuously to a set feedrate usually in Kg/Hr or as a batch feeding device, where a target amount of product to be fed is entered in (e.g. in Kg) and the feeder will run and then stop at this figure.

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