The Main Types of Sieves

sieves for bulk materials

Sieves for Bulk Materials

When sieving bulk materials, it is vital to have the correct machine for your particular needs. Which machine is required depends on the type and volume of the product, and how many times it needs to be separated. To help you choose the correct sieve for your bulk materials, here is a breakdown of the main types of sieving machines and what they are used for.

Check Sieving

The most popular type of sieve for bulk materials. The machine is fitted with a single mesh screen that allows finer materials through whilst holding back any larger, unwanted materials such as lumps and contaminants.

Includes: Sievmaster 200-S Batch Sieve, SM E-400 Vibratory Sieve, Sievmaster Slimline Vibratory Sieve range, Sievmaster 700-ST.

Grading Sieving

Grading sieves contain multiple screens for separating a product into different sizes. Normally, up to four mesh screens can be fitted, giving five different sizes of product: an oversized product, a fine product, and three differing sizes in between.

Includes: Sievmaster Segregator, Multiscreen Vibratory Sieve

Centrifugal Sifters

Also known as Rotary Sieves, these machines are designed to screen larger quantities of material than standard industrial sieves. Another notable advantage is their capacity to be integrated into the processing line, breaking down lumpy, sticky and dusty material and preparing it for the next processing stage.

Includes: Sievmaster Disintegrader, Rota Centrifugal Screener

Sieving Machinery Demonstration

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Vacuum Sieving

Vacuum or ‘pressure’ sieving machines are fully enclosed so that the product can be transferred without the risk of leakage. This is crucial for processing toxic, dusty, airborne products that pose a risk of contamination to personnel and the surrounding environment.

Includes: Sievmaster Vacusiev Vibratory Sieve

Ultrasonic Sieving

Ultrasonic deblinding systems are designed to fit onto vibratory sieving machines to help break down agglomerated material and improve throughput rates. This is achieved by amplifying the vibration of the machine so as to prevent mesh blockage.

An Ultrasonic upgrade can be applied to many sieves for bulk materials that Genesis offer, including the Sievmaster Slimline Range and Sievmaster Easilift Range.

Further information

Genesis has partnered with Farleygreene to provide a wide range of premium quality sieves for industries that handle bulk materials. On our Brochures page, detailed information can be downloaded on each sieve listed above. If you would like to speak with us directly about any of the products and services we offer, please use the details on our contact page.