Liftvrac conveyor applications for friable products

The food industry is full of friable products requiring gentle handling during the manufacturing and packing processes.


Once moulded into the required shape and baked, it is vital for biscuits to remain undamaged so they reach the customer in good condition.

Gently elevating the finished products to the weighing and packing equipment is one of the core applications for a Liftvrac conveyor.

The video shows how well the device works with biscuits.


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Although perhaps a more robust product than biscuits, popcorn also needs to be handled correctly.

As this is very light, irregularly shaped product, it can be hard to handle and the nature of the Liftvrac's design means the belt envelopes the pieces and lifts them together without compressing them.

This design feature enables the conveyor to handle both delicate products as well as those that tend to interlock and bind together, as demonstrated with the next video where we are conveying popcorn.


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Sliced Meats

Meat and other food products are often sticky and likely to clump and bind together. With a sliced meat like chorizo the shape of the finished item is important so squashing, tearing and slicing must be avoided.

The next video demonstrates how we feed items such as chorizo slices into a multi-head weighing system.


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No one likes a pile of dust when they open their crisps hence correct handling is vital.

Vibratory systems are used on many horizontal conveying applications but the Liftvrac has the advantage of being able to lift the crisps to a new height and then feed them on to the downstream equipment without damaging the product.

This video shows how the crisps sit together on the belt and do not fall back as they are lifted.


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The Liftvrac conveyor system is not as widely used as other forms of conveyor but can provide a hygienic and cost effective solution to many difficult materials handling problems.

If you would like to discuss your application, we would be happy to help, so please drop us a line via our contact page.