Introducing the FlexwallⓇ Plus Feeder Range

The Brabender Flexwall Plus Feeder range is an all-purpose bulk material feeder range offering flexible and reliable performance every time. Available in either Volumetric or Gravimetric configurations, the Flexwall Plus feeders can feed a broad range of materials including powders, flakes, fibers and pellets.

Covering feedrates from as low as a few Kg/hr up to higher than 7000 Kg/hr, depending on the material’s bulk density, the FlexwallⓇ Plus Feeder range is suitable for a wide range of applications across the food, plastics and chemical industries.

Avoid Bridging in the Hopper

The feeders’ flexible polyurethane hopper with motor-driven external massage paddles* make them suitable for use with practically all free-flowing and many poor-flowing bulk materials. Adjusting the paddle amplitude ensures a gentle flow of materials within the hopper and avoids compacting, bridging or ingredient build-up by flexing the polyurethane hopper walls to promote ingredient flow into the screw.

Handles Multiple Products

The compact, trapezoidal shape of the FlexwallⓇ Plus Feeder range has numerous benefits. It naturally encourages ingredient flow, providing consistent screw filling and mass flow of ingredients without degradation. In addition to this, its shape means that up to 6 feeders can be arranged around a central feed point without requiring extended screws to reach the downstream process vessel. Various screw designs can be fitted to the feeder to suit your feed material, including an open spiral screw for both pellets and powders, a solid blade screw for floodable powders and a specialist fibre screw for fibrous products.

Easy Cleaning

The FlexwallⓇ Plus Feeder range can be easily disassembled for quick dry or wet cleaning. This is because the polyurethane hopper is moulded to easily fit on the stainless steel housing. To make the process more efficient still, the exchangeable feeding units mean that a new unit can be fitted whilst the used unit is cleaned, keeping downtime to a minimum.

The feeder’s contact parts other than the polyurethane hopper, that come into contact with the ingredients, are made from stainless steel to ensure a tough, durable performance. All feeders in the range are food-safe in accordance with European and US regulations, and anti-static or chemical proof versions are available.

A hinged motor version which comes with FW40/1/2 and FW80/1/2 is particularly suitable for easy screw removal from the rear. FW80/2 and the FW80/7 use a separate motor for the external massaging paddles to allow paddle speed adjustment for difficult flowing ingredients.

Further Information or Arrange a Product Test

If you would like to find out more about the Brabender FlexwallⓇ Plus Feeder range, please use the details on our contact page and you can also download our overview brochure and individual data sheets for more detailed information.

*F40plus1/6 and F80plus1/6 do not come with external massage paddles.