Feeding raw materials in the food industry

The Brabender range of food grade processing equipment is widely used in the global food industry. The variety of options available includes single and twin screw feeders, the FlexWall® Plus multi-purpose feeder, belt feeders, vibratory feeders and liquid feeding systems.

Ancillary devices include discharge aids, sack tipping stations, big-bag handling systems and wide range of conveying options for both upstream and downstream requirements.

Sanitary designs ideal for the food industry

food industry feeders

With extensive knowledge of both batch and continuous production processes, the Brabender food range has been designed to ensure not just that your materials are fed correctly, but that the sanitary cleaning and maintenance requirements of your production line are also built-into our designs.

Brabender Technologie is a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).

“It is of vital importance that any food industry equipment supplier has a deep and complete understanding of hygienic standards. We are capable of providing standard or custom feeding systems meeting these high standards for almost any dry, moist or liquid ingredients used in the food industry”

Klaus Plien, Manager of Food Sales at Brabender Technologie, explains.

The right feeder for each ingredient

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Perhaps more than any other industry, the ingredients used in the food industry can vary tremendously across the production process. From large pieces such as nuts and dried fruits, through to fine powders and liquids there are both many different varieties and many different feed rates being handled together in one process. The flow behaviour of metered ingredients can also vary significantly with the ambient conditions, particularly humidity levels and temperature.

Bulk ingredients are often being controlled at thousands of kg/hr, while special often more expensive ingredients, such as concentrated flavourings, only need a small rate of addition. Our feeding solutions offer the tight recipe control and accuracy needed to help you both control the product's quality and keep close watch on the ingredients being used.

Klaus Plien continued,

“Natural ingredients are often very different in terms of size and shape. Every ingredient has its own properties, while a mixture of several ingredients can have quite different characteristics than the individual elements. Often raw materials used in food processing are often delicate and fragile. Our Hygienic Design feeding systems can be modified to perfectly match the properties of each ingredient.”

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We recognise the need for our designs to meet or exceed food industry standards so use food-grade components extensively in the construction of our equipment. A typical example is the blue polyurethane components in our Flexwall®Plus feeders.

Food grade materials for food quality designs

feeder for the food industry

Some other design criteria includes:

  • Horizontal surfaces and exposed screw threads have been removed from the designs.
  • Customers benefit from rounded, smooth surfaces, crack and crevice free welds and quick-release fasteners for quick disassembly.
  • Wash proof junction boxes and non-ventilated smooth body motors are also available.
  • Brabender Technologie only uses FDA- and 1935/2004-compliant materials.

Further Information on Food Industry Feeding

Please contact our team with any questions you may have about improving the feeding systems on your food production process and download our food industry brochure for further technical information on our Flexwall® Plus and other Brabender volumetric and gravimetric feeders.